17 November 2008

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Love oh love,
can you bring me back to all the good old times??
I miss those days. ):

I don't know whether i should meet you or not.
I don't like short happiness but long waitings.
I'm very tired of all the missings already, you understand???
I want to be independant & not revolving about you.

I'm adapting it very well already.
I'm a girl, a normal girl who wished to be loved & take care of.
Not by verbally, is with actions.

I can be a sweet girlfriend, i can try to understand you need time of your own,
but you took this for granted.
No, i'm not your spare tyre.
Neglect me if you have your own plans, & demanded for me on the days YOU are free.
Who has the priorty now?
It's always disappointments.

Asked me what is it that i'm so pissed of?
Ask yourself then. Do i even need to TELL you why i'm feeling so down?
The left side of my pillow is always wet,
my left face is always masked with tears every night.

When many telling me to let go, i'd try to remember the happy times.
Will we even go this far if i hadn't hold on?

Now, i can't even be compared to a PSP.
A stupid gadget is much more important than a Girlfriend.
Laugh at me people!

Sigh. I need to talk to someone again.

But who can i turn to??

Maybe i should just go MIA again.

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