11 November 2008

happy 1st anniversary to us

It's not easy to have someone to walk along with you for the
past 365 days,

whom you don't really have much good feelings at the start,
who makes you fall deep into love as time goes by,
who have make yourself a big breakthrough by saying 'i love you'
who have been showering you with lots of love,
who can understand you more than you understand yourselves,
who teaches & lead you to what is all about being in a r/s,
who let you calls him whatever nicknames as long as you're happy,
who's hand you will never get tired of holding,
who is able to make you misses him
who makes you loves him so much like never before,
who's jealousy level is super high but you're loving it,
who can really pissed you off so badly, yet still loving him as much,
who's the first to make you touched to tears,
who is the first to catch the first sunrise of the year,
who you will not afraid to cross the roads when he is around.
who you will feel happy just to have a glance of him,
who love you for who you are
who you don't mind waiting for him when he's serving NS,
who you will be smiling to yourself receiving his smses/calls
who is your first time sending off an army boy for enlistment,
who you like touching his botak head
who you think he's the man in his no.4 uniform,
who you are treating him better than yourself,
who you will love to cook for him despites all the hassles,
who you are willing to give up any other programmes just for a date,
who is lame enough to entertain your lameness,
who you will save & read his smses from top to bottom of the list
again & again when you misses him,
who makes you upsets for days without his calls,
who you will scibble his name somewhere on your hand like what kids do
who makes you got the urge to go around telling random friends
how much you missed your boyfriend,
who makes you started to hate NS so much which took up all his time,
who appeared with your favourite cheese cake at your birthday
when he's not expected,
who makes you felt stupid to let go of him half a year ago when you haven't
even sort out your feelings,
who never make me regret getting him back again,
who you will wish for more anniversaries,
who is your longest & sweetest relationship,
who you wish he would be the first to see when you're awake,
who you wish he would be the last you saw when you sleeps,
who you wish he will be there everywhere, every seconds,

there's seriously too much to be typed out, thus it will just be kept with me.
I'm not sugarfying my words, they are simply coming deep down from my heart.

and all & all.... i just wanna tell Baby, I LOVE YOU.



Finally i get to use the word 'Anniversary' & not 'Monthsary.'

My sweetie pie Baby melted my little heart with
a big bouquet at my doorstep! :)

It wasn't him who delivered the bouquet over, but his friend,
as he was stucked inside the camp. LOL.
I wanted to thank him so much! Thanks dude, really!

This is really sweet! Romantic too!
I wonder who teaches him this idea!

Though i'm outside having steamboat with the love birds(Janelle & her bf),
i swear i was very surprised & elated when i received Mummy's phonecall!

I thought it will just be another normal day, but hell NO.
Call me a 'crazy women' , i paraded the bouquet all around my house.
LOL! Can you imagine i camwhored over 80pictures with the flowers?!!
Sooooo manyyyy!!!

My parents are so damn cute!
You should have heard their conversation lors.

Look at this carefully, is that consider a pink rose too??
It is not as pink as the rest, so i wonder should i count it in??
11 or 12???

I google-ed this, & this was my answer,

11 roses represents:
You're my treasured one. To assure someone that he or she is
truly and deeply loved.

12 roses represents:
The standard for "be mine". Be my steady.
Often given on Valentines day, when for a married couple,actually 7
or 10 might be a better choice. (slightly cheaper as well! ;-)

i'll detailed my 1st Anniversary soon!
Do not miss this out ya!

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