24 November 2008

i miss youuu

I'm missing Baby Hubby truckloads!
Another week to go before i could see you =(
This is so torturing i swear!

B, remember our breakfast date ok!

The Christmas feel is flowing into me now.
Time to shopppppp!
But first thing first, i need money!!!
Soon, it will be Chinese New Year!
That is so bloody fast!!!!
Fret not, i started stocking up some apparels already.
I'm fast, i'm Kiasu. I don't care.
It's so irritating to do last minute shopping as sizes will tend to go out of stocks!

I wanna change my blogskin, who's gonna help me with it???
Many have been complaining that they can't view my site
properly(all in a mess!) with Mozilla Firefox. HAHA.
Though i still love this skin alot!


I'm sorry...

i know it's very unglam to say this!

i know this is so rude!

you wouldn't want to know it too!

but..... i don't wanna keep you in the dark anymore!

cannot tahan already lahs.... !!!!

I need to Shit!

*flying off to the toilet*

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