21 November 2008

oh. imma happy girl

I met up with Baby! I met up with Baby today!
Like after soooooo many days!

Backed to school after 3 days of short holiday.
As usual, i was late. I'm forever late for school! LOL.
Had some unpleasant issue happened at our break time,
i wasn't involved but my friends were.
They were too 'hot' lahs!

anyway, headed Bugis street for some eyelashes with Val (:
but we kind of bought the wrong one! we bought purple instead of black?!
Hope i don't look weird with it! hahas.

Parted with Val then i headed back to Queenstown to look for Baby!!!!!
He didn't book in today lahs! I was like soooo happy cos i can meet him!
How nice if this continues forever...
I'm dreaming!

Went to print my notes & headed back to Baby's place.
I was about to fall asleep at his comfy bed, then he come disturb me!
LOL! Hor, Baby??
Ended up going Jurong Point to meet his friend, James.
Had Mcdonald as dinner. Then we walked almost the whole mall lors!
They then walked me to my cousin's place, which is somewhere nearby.
Collected some stuffs for my Mum, chatted/bitched about MDIS to my
cousin till i almost don't want to go home already.
I was sooooo lazy, so ended up cabbing home. Hahas.

Alrights, i just finished washing up.
& i'm really tired now!

Tomorrow shall be a long day again.
School's till 5pm, shall meet up my boy if he's available for me.
Then, party!

You know what,
i feel that i've been "neglecting myself".
No regular mask-ing, no manicure, no brows shaping,
not doing up full make up. In fact, very bare!
Not dolling up myself, not dressing up beautifully,
not wearing heels at all, but flip flops....
I feel so like an Aunty now. Damn!

So from today onwards, i'm gonna make myself pretty pretty!
Shut up if you want to tell me i'm FUGLY.
I just think i'm not.. Oh well...

Off to sleepppp.. Toodles!

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