05 November 2008


I'm on MCCC!!!
Skipped Econ's paper spells s-h-i-o-k!

Why just can't polyclinic let me be a 'children' for once?
I was charged as 'children' upon registration, but 'adult' when the
cashier wanted to check my ID.
Under 18years old is considered 'children' anyway!
The differences is huge ok, only halved the price for children rates!
The doctor didn't even want to check me. Just asked me what's
wrong with me & gave me the MC.
Anyway, i just think polyclinic is a very retarded clinic!
I waited like 1&half hours for the whole process.... fucking alone!
Many told me the standard waiting time is 2hours though..
& i personally think the docs there probably assume that everyone there
just needed a MC, as every patient was inside the room not more than
2 minutes & came out with an MC!
I'm not exagerrating! Less than 2 minutes ok!
Cosultation is fast, but patients are hell lots! Thus the waiting time is -.-zzz!
I'm sick, i'm sick, i'm sick!!!!!

Ok. Since i'm home, planned the task to be completed today:

- tidy up my wardrobe! pack out all the unwanted clothes.
- tidy up my makeup kits! my makeup is all over in my house.

Stop laughing! I'm very motivated now ok!

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