04 November 2008

this is a messed up week

My results are getting from good to bad to worst.
Pretty screwed with all the papers now.
No matter whether i did study or not, the results doesn't pays off my efforts.

Failed = Supp. paper = $$
Failed Supp. paper = Remodule = more $$$$ + more time
See! Everything involves money in MDIS.
What's worst is, i have to bear all the costs myself!
Am quite convinced that maybe i'm not cut off to be a Business student at all.
Can time just bring me to my graduation faster? :(

I'm wearing my cousin's graduation gown!
At least i've worn it once in a lifetime alright!
I believed i will get to wear it the 2nd time, on my very own graduation day!

Anyway, it was confirmed that Baby's field camp falls on our 1st Anni. Fuck!
Hopefully he's able to book out this Sat.
I don't wish to plan anything, it'd be such a disappointment if he's not able to book out.

There's something wrong with my middle finger.
My precious nail chipped off a huge mega piece! Twice already!
I've got ugly middle finger now. __

The only happier note was, i will be having 2 shoots this week. (:
But i mixed up both shoots's details! Very confused now! How?
I'm a very disorganised person.
Who wanna sponser me a 2009 diary/organizer? Hello Kitty ones would be prefered!

Baby. Cant call u tonight. Now we getting less n less
time in the night le. I see when i free then i call u k.
U go slp early ba. I going to slp now le.

Alrights Baby, i'm going to join you in your dreams now!

Good nights, readers! Have a good night!

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