07 November 2008

sneak preview...

Long shoot, Tiger Beer roving.
*counting...* wearing 10hours of heels is killing me!

Boyfriend sent a super sweet sms to me. HAHA!
Though he does that quite often last time(when he was stucked at P.Tekong),
he seldom send me this kind of message now lors!
He don't even have the time to text or call me. ):
But he will try to find time to call me even if it is for the short 5mins!
Then he will melt me with all the 'Muacks' & 'I love you'.
Which i think not most of the boyfriends will do it. I see the effort in him!
HAHA! I'm seeing him tomorrow anyway, hopefully!

You recognised them??

Yes, it's Li Teng & Pornsak !
Of cos' it's me in the center!

Just a sneak preview!

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