06 November 2008

the better quality photos

I'm very satisfied with my performance today.
How do you guys think??

Special thanks to Photog David for the great work! :)




4. (pardon me the scratches/patches on my leg. i got them from the Sentosa!)




Raw & 'untouched' original pictures!
These are my favourites out of the favourites!
Which is your favourite??? Tell me tell me!
I've already tried very hard not to reveal my ugly teeths.
No spamming! Please save your comments to yourself! Thanks!

I'm like very very tired & sleepy now! *sniffing my piggy bolster*
Stop bugging me, baskets!
Whatever is it, fuck off alright?
Irritating bunch of jealous fuck!
You think i care whether are we friends or not? Brainless idiot!

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