27 November 2008

tags replies!!

Wow! Look at the Tags i'm accumulating!!!!
Sorry i wouldn't reply to all, too many yeahs!!!
But i like it! (:

Pris: ya lors. r/s needs time to nurture. sometimes i'm so envy you all
can meet boyfriends as & when you like. mine is once every 1 or 2 weeks!
too short lors!

val: HAHA. welcome! don't forget i've a NS boyfriend too! ^^

joanna: okkk. don't always change url lahs! hahaha.

stephen: ok, noted!

Ray: finally i've added! hmms.. okok. now i know.

ArtOfTiko: erms.. what a url/nick!

cherylhee: ohh! hahas! yeahs, long time no see!

gillian: the jacket my mum bought at This Fashion lors! cheap cheap only.
i never wear it out till this is the first time i'm wearing it. hahas.
quite nice hors?

wanzhuo: alrights sure! good that they didnt check you! hahaha.

jw: surprise??!! i will be hosting with them for the new variety show mahs. LOL!
JOKING LAHS! i happened to saw them in the toilet, so went over to the guys
toilet & we took pictures. (:

Albert Jee: kuku lehs u! hahas! i went there to shoot when they first
opening too!

Joey: okiieeee

Wings: uurrgghh! now he don't even have time to call me le. saddd.

selina: wooot! thanks!

passerbyy: yeahs! thanks!

meow: hahas! don't drool don't drool!

reader: HAHA. alrights! thanks yaaa!

selina: yeahs, been quite long lors! time to meet up!

=): thanks smiley! but i think i look really hideous w/o make up lors.
hahas. my cup size arhs... very personal eh.. you guess lors!

candy: sure! there'll surely be chance!

h'uishan: wow. pounds! lols. privates are like that. everything $$$.

yvonne: LOL! why would i wear Tiger's uniform too for Halloween?!
Like so weird! hahas.

Wings: see! the consequences of delaying replies!

aaron: okkies!

yan: hii!

gillian: too indeendant not good lors! girls love to be taken care of!
hahas. i'm always that sweet de lehs. ;)

Melody: thanks! i'm not that great as what you think lahs. but i agree
its a very good experience! (:

pumpkim: yes yes. doing great!

Wings: hahas! okkk! i know what you mean!

passerby: hmms. thanks for ur comment! yes, i'm saving for one!

lyinglow: ehhh.. not me?!

Ray: really? are u using firefox??

JOANNA: i did control lehs. can can! can club lors!

jw: ehh.. never eh! next time say HI lahs!

steph: welcome lahs! its fun!

Candy: You mean the one i wear for the photoshoot?? That is not a dress!
It's 2 piece, supposingly to look clubbing style? HAHA. My work schedule
not out yet. Tell you again when i know k!

May: Yeahs! we were so rush! & of cos i'll be surprised! like after so long
we met! HAHA.

Chris: lols! reallyyy??? is that a compliment? but i thought Patricia Mok is
infamous with her looks. Gosh!

bubu to chris: hahas! thanks thanks! its ok! no hard feelings!

gillian: the steamboat is so special, personal de! hahas. hope we fare well
in the casting :)

JaneChan: okkk!

tink: ohhh! so cool! i wanna try also lahs! should try there next time.
hahas! saw your blog saying we all are selected???

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