30 December 2008

dissapointed in you...


I choosed to believe your words when the whole
world asked me not to,
& this is what i am rewarded by you.

Stupid me!

I think i know where i stand in your heart already.
Friends are always placed infront of me.
I'm just your substitude.
It's ok, uised to it long ago.

But never will i know you will do THESE!
Don't you have the guilt in you???

I already did my best as a girlfriend.
Willingly to be a fool for the past whole year.
Enough. Will learn to be smarter now. :)

You are best at keeping quiet all the time when i'm unpleased with you.
I'm like talking to the wall.
I shall learn from you, not replying your messages.
You see how is it feels like uh!

Don't worry, i did not reveal any of what you did, though

i have many thoughts in mind i need to pen it down.
I will still save some 'face' for you, knowing that
hundreds of souls are reading this.


Working on New Year's Eve is so worth it cos' of you.
At least it lets me wake up from the beautiful illusion.

Once bitten, twice shy.
& what's worst was this is more than twice.
To love you as much as i did in the past, i think i can't.

I think i'm suffering from split-personality soon.
One moment of laughter, & one moment of anger.
I don't really know exactly how should i feel right now.

Will be counting down to New Year with Mummy after work.
It wouldn't be a happy new year. Definitely not.

Goodbye 2008.
2009 will be a better year!

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