20 December 2008

fucked mood

Jinman's blogshop!!!
Do dropby and support!!!

Mood kind of fucked up these few days.
Don't wish to say more.

My poor phone is ringing practically the WHOLE DAY about work
stuffs yesterday.
It was supposed to be a shopping day, but ended up not shopping at all.
Met up with Valerie'love and Zhiwei to town. Had late Brunch at Bakerzin.
Money can buy good food! Laughs.
Went to Ettusais's private sale, saw our classmates there coincidentally.
We got ourselves a foundation each for only $12!!!! Damn cheap!!!!!
Got the urge to spend some money, so i've been walking a few rounds there,
but sadly nothing caught my eyes.

I'm getting the LG Ice Cream phone anyway!
Cheap cheap cheap! Planning to get it before CNY.

Shared a cab with Val to Novena square to get my uniform and headed
down to Valley Point for the weekly roving.
IC/manager there is super nice, and friendly. The best welfare i've ever met for
rovings. I get to eat the buffet, munch the popcorns, watch tv, sing karaoke,
drink the beverages, use hp like nobody's business! So time flew super fast!
Environment is good too! I don't mind working there again, seriously! HAHA!

Get my ass on the chair right after i reached home and start studying for
the supp. paper today.
All of those i've studied came out, which is a good thing.
But i kind of having mental-blockage during exam which left me writing
only 1/4 of the page for each question. Very pissed with myself!
I guess i can start saving money for remodule already. Sigh.

Parents are back to their old patterns.
They are starting to control the timing i going out and back home.
Most of the reasons i'm out is either school, or work. I seldom go out
for enjoyment already, what else do they still want? Don't understand.

Pictures another day!

Lovelies from Room18.lj sponsored me 2 items!
A sexy top and a red waist belt! Thanks babes!
Will do the advert soon!

DXO later with my dearest Jerald kaki!
Yay yay yay! Long time no see eh!

I'm still quite sad for screwing up the paper,
does miracles do happen?? Sigh.
2 more papers coming their way in 2 day's time.
Kill me please!

Keeping quiet doesn't mean i'm stupid.
You should not be asking if i'm angry.
The answer is obvious.
When everyone is trying to put you down,
i tried to think of the good old times.
Please be reminded that you still have a Gf.

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