18 December 2008

the girl next door

My legitimate daughter!
She's 5!

I love kids, but definitely not notorious ones!
I swear she is one little devil!
Don't be deceived by her 'angel' look. Laughs!

She is a daughter from a few shops beside mine. :)

Can you imagine, she's only 5 but she knows how to use words like,
"wah lao eh" and "di siao" !!!
& she is not easily conned, unlike other kids of her age.
Not easy to coax her. Very irritating sometimes.
However, time flew faster with her around.
& $$ also flew away cos' she will tend to tag along with me when i went
to buy meals, so she will always get treats from me.
If not she will goes like, "please jiejie, i want to try this, i want to try that..."

I like this picture!
Skin looked flawless here!
CHANEL. The bestest of the best foundation!

Suddenly felt like calling Baby. Just felt like listening his voice.
But he must be sleeping now. Don't wanna wake him up from his sleep.

Have been thinking whether should i not put up my msn address here.
But i can't afford to do that as i might lose many events & stuffs if
some were to contact me. Sian-ed.

Ok. Bye!

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