08 December 2008

hello people

hey passer-by, you're right! I'm not publishing your comment either. Laughs.

I've lost interest in blogging!
Thus, loosing many many readers. :'(

I just recover from a shock, caused by my hectic schedule.
I am going to be very very very busy for whole for Dec & Jan!!
My days will be filled with either School, Work or Dance practice.
I really got no time. No time to spend with boyfriend too.
When i'm finally available, he'll be on duty -.-
As usual, i'm involved in next year's Chingay Parade! =)

p/s: i'm dead beat from work. that crazy little girl is driving me crazy.

pp/s: i wanna watch the flick Quarantine!

ppp/s: exams are in 2 weeks's time!!!! Hell!!!

pppp/s: i'm planning to cook chilli crab for Baby when he books out.
Perhaps on Thursday, which is our 13th monthsary.

ppppp/s: yeahs, it's our 1year 1month anniversary in two days time! :)
& finally we get to meet on that very day! Hehehehehe!

pppppp/s: this is only for my boyfriend, I MISS YOU!!!

ppppppp/s: I WILL BLOG AGAIN VERY SOON! Loves!

white room on Friday sucks.
Tia Ming came over to give me a ride over at East Coast after my work.
Clubbed with my classmate Val, Joanne, Steven, & Tia Ming.
We had hell time climbing the stairs & getting to that place.
Trance is not my kind. R&B rolls in only at late 2.30 upon request.
I managed to get quite alot of alcohol from the bartender though!
We was in at almost 12am and out at 3am.

*there's this aunty(mom of a child) following in to the
underage party. LMAO. she was practically standing in the
dance floor & kept stalking her kid. once the girl was dancing
with a group of guys, the mom will pull her away. so this
process continues till 3, & it's probably the mom who called the
polices. The event ended exceptional early -.-
Goodness sake, tie your child at home if you don't allow her to club.
If you choose to let her go, let her be.

We then cabbed down to Heereen's Partyworld & sing till the dawn!
HAHA! Yes! We sang from 3.30am till 6am.
Reached home only at early 7am!
Imagine i was out straight from school, to Boyfriend's place,
to City hall, to Tiger Beer roving, to club. WOW.

Total damaged to the pocket: $80+

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