03 December 2008

killers assignments

Chocolate POCKY is the best snack to nibble in class!

I felt so great!
Finally i'm done with the motherfuckingPMPM's assignment. (:
Well, it's not that difficult to do afterall.
I guess what i needed was some stress & perharps i'm simply lazy.
You know, i can easily complete it within the last 2 days. Cos' i will
only panicked few days before the due date.
So, only under stress of timing, i will see the seriousness & start getting
my ass on the study table. LOL!
Very jialat lahs me! Don't learn!

Ok. Next is BL's assignment which is due this Friday!!!!!


Had a 27mins phonechat with Baby last night!
But i'm so so upset after(an hour later) hearing he might not be able
spent the public holidays with me.
(yes, i'm kind of retarted as you can see.
I'm only a tad dissapointed when upon hearing it, but took actually an hour to react
to the problem after recalling on our chats. I'm a fucking retard!)
Anyway, i've already
applied leave for my job & it's not every time i can do that you see.
Urrgghh! I hate this!
Isn't Christmas & New Year is the day to spend with your love ones??
All kind souls, please pray hard for me!!!

Baby's not replying my messages now & i'm rather annoyed.
But i know he's obviously sleeping, or having turnout.
LOL. I'm just being bored. Like really too bored!

I pity him sometimes, to have such a irritating bitchy fatass girlfriend.
Hor, Baby?? Hees.

It's exactly 2 weeks since his last book out, another 3 more days to go.
): ): ): ): ):

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