14 December 2008


Tiger Roving at Big Splash last week,
which aftermath headed to White Room underage party.

Thursday, 11 Dec 08

Look at the fierce crabbie!!!

This is my Mum! I wonder why she looks so happy here -.-

- was very sleepy & lazy to get out of the bed,
so ended up skipping school.

- called Baby & kept pestering him to wake up for a whole 1 hour!

- get changed & cabbed to Baby's place with his chilli crab as promised!!!
(i didn't bathed! & i'm still smelling good!)

shared this goody with Baby's sis.
Oh! Mum even packed rice & vegetable for us!
Seriously like some zi-char lors!
It was yummilicious-delicious!!!!

Ok. I admit i cheated.

I didn't cook the chilli crab, my Mum did. :D

HAPPY 13th , BABY!!!

and still counting on......

Friday, 12 Dec 08

Day was spent inside TWO..

Packed new arrivals, did some area cleaning, & busy doing sales.
Sales was very good that day!

I think i like this piece(cos' i though i look quite busty in it),
but it is kinda too ordinary for it's price even though i've staff price.
Hmms... still considering.

Grey or Blue???

Sign up as DXO member at only 20bucks!
1 for 1 for all glass/jugs/bottles.
Damn cheap & worth definitely!

Who is going the Nuffnang Christmas Party?? Tell me!

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