11 January 2009

BMS search 2009

Happy 14th month-sary!

Best Model of Singapore 2009 Search

This is so lame. I was 'conned' by my Mummy to join.
It's so stress to juggle with Chingay practices & the pageant
as both falls on 3 weekends which timings also clashed.

It's either i back out the competition, or face the 'black faces'
from my coaches.
Arrgghh! So fuck-ed up lahs!

I doubt i would win too, and that was pretty obvious with the results ytd.
So i'm kinda just wasting my time & gaining some experiences there.
Come to think, i've got enough experiences too. LOL.


Preview Show....

The 'thorn among the roses' in his mini-red brief!
So hot right?!

At home...

Credits to William photog, he happened to be there!

Grand final & crowning of title will be next Sunday (:

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