02 January 2009

bottle tree park event

Did a morning army event at Bottle Tree Park.
Thanks to Gillian for this job!

Anyway, i woke up at freaking 6.15am, rushed out of
the house & realised that i forgotten to bring my hp out
with me when i've reached the busstop.
Went all the way back home & ended up cabbing to work.
Cabfare is totally a sucker!

A very very very very slack jobscope given to us. :)

With the guys!

Went to collect my Kudos bars from Zhixiang after work.

It's time to update schedule on my 2009 organiser!

Totally shagged!
Asshole boyfriend never date me out, i don't know what he is doing man.
Sometime i wish i could read his mind.

School is reopening on Monday!

I felt like hitting the dancefloor tonight, don't wanna waste my last
day of holiday away.
But i'm half a walking-zombie already.

Photoshoot early morning tomorrow, followed by work at FEP,
& bestie's boyfriend birthday party.

I need plenty of sleepsss!

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