23 January 2009

hi people

23 Jan 09

Just handed Mummy 100bucks & asked her to use that
money to buy some good food for our reunion dinner. LOL!
What, 100 may not be alot but good enough for a 3 members family ok!
But Mum has not been in a pink health, so Dad thought we should
dine out instead.
Sad, i missed home cook food lors.
I realised my Dad & I rely too much on my Mum. I do not even need to
lay a finger on spring cleaning previous years (maybe just my own stuffs).
I used to open my hand & asked for money for new year clothes too!
Yaya, i'm a spoilt brat i know. (The benefits of being the only child!)

I thought i am so much matured this year.
I tried to do more housework, spent my own money on new clothings,
and chip in some money for miscellaneous.
& the feeling is so great! :)


22 Jan 09

Back at home!

Had BS class test & i forgot to bring my calculator to school.
How smart! I should just bang my head on the wall!

Trained with Zhuen to Serangoon for an hour of casual shoot,
bought some stuffs back at Jurong Point. I can never shop enough there.
Worst is, money in money out straight away! LOL.
Met up with C for the first ever time after that.
Slacked at my block's top level with that lameass. (:

Time check: 8.25pm
I'm going to catch a little nap now. Yes, at this awkward timing.
Hopefully i will wake up later.
Or someone please wake me up, thank you!
I want to study!

Alrights. Byeee!

***i think i have made the wrong choice for posting up the air tickets
giveaway at my blog!
Now a few people are mailing me & i really got a headache who to give
them to. Sorry to disappoint some.

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