27 January 2009

happy moooooo year

Today Red wine & Polariod.
Tomorrow Black Jack & Mahjong.


I've already prepared red bra but too bad i wore my red undies today already.
I want to win all the money from my Aunties!

Cousins, tml night Movie or Karaoke lehs!
Every year you guys always go but i can't tag along,
this year i finally can but you guys all boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend.
Such a bummer!
Ok lahs, i'm just being a sour grape here.

Any boy-friends or girlfriends wanna meet me???? :))))
We go out late night!

P/S: It's the 1st day of CNY and i'm feeling a little of bad throat.
Shit man! I'm so gonna suffer a sore throat soon!

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