26 January 2009

enquiries/ tag replies

Happy NIU Year to alllllll!!!!!

May you all get lots & lots of Angbao with lots & lots of cash!!!
Mahjong, BlackJack, liquors, late-night movies.....

Wah~ Kua Tio Gui ahhhh! LOL!

As requested:

This is my current phone. LG KC550 Silver.
Got it from Lucky Plaza, B1-153.
Bargained with the promoter & bought it at $326 inc. gst.
I got it at 50bucks lower than the usual price, depends on
how good you can bargain. LOL!
It's a 5 mega-pixel, no 3G. Googled it yourself alrights!

Where i dyed my hair?
Far East Plaza, #04-89, Sassy Image.

How much?
$45 for highlight, inclusive of treatment.
$13 for haircut. (My hair is waist long!)

What colour?
I did only highlight. Gold but NOT blonde, never bleach too.
My own base colour is brown.

Look for?
My hairstylist is Sam.
He's good, he has all the patience & listens to what you want. :)

The temporary curls for my pageant.

East Point Mall, #05-01, The Hair Secrets

How much?
I'm not too sure, mine was sponsored.
But i heard it was $30 for temporary curls.

Look for?
Must look for Tom! He's the manager & he's great!

As recommended by Jessica aka Underage-girl too!

Tag Replies:

lynn`: Cheer up babe! XD HAPPY CNY! Get more angbaos ah! ^^
yeahsss! u too! Happy NIU Year! Mahjong at ur house soon!

Ray: yo buddy!! wish u Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai , HUAT AHH!!
Happy NIU Year too, classmate!

niims: happy chinese new year by the way ;DDD
niims: i saw you yesterday ! cheer up alright (:
yupps! saw ya too! LOL. Happy NIU Year!

ben: hellos! dropping by... and HAPPY CNY!!! HUAT AH!
u're which ben? i think i know! hahaha. u too huat eh!

JoeY: Wishing ya a very happy CNY!
u too! Happy NIU Year!

aSyRaff Ho: helloSSS its Saturday!! Enjoy your day!
hiiii! thanks!

passerby: can i ask. where u got ur legging on Jan 17 post.
can tell me exactly which place or rather which store? thanks

You mean the highshine legging? I got it at Far East Plaza, Level 1.
I forgot the shop name but is somewhere opposite Mondo. $15.90 :)

JaneChan: Hello! Here's wishing you happy Chinese New Year in advance/
Happy Holidays, Have a great one yeah!
hahas. thanks! u too, girl! get more angbao!

Pris: i went jp today too !
LOL! i was alone!

cheryl: LOL. your curls reminds me of curly fries!
laughs! u meanie mean!

val: YES YES! i know i know. Lols (:

candy ♥: and lucky plaza sell phones cheaper ah? lol. is your current
phone good to use? =D
candy ♥: hey(: of cos straight hair suits you better!(: and i'm taking
business statistic too, it sucks =.=
yes yes, smsed u right. hahas. very cheap cos can bargain.
its a basic phone lahs. cant expect too much but the camera is good :)
BS sucks big time lahs! I'm not a maths person!

Shelia: Y would u wanna give out your tickets? U can sell them. LOL.
lazy to sell lehs. but i got ppl offered to buy from me. LOL!

Reader: babe, whr you get ur hair curled for the pageant? what colour
you dye the hair too? how cheap? do reply..
hi! the temp curls are done by Hair Secrets at East Point Mall. i highlighted
gold, $45 only. :)

val: hey love! I miss you luh. it has been sometimes i've seen you and
actually sit down and talk **** with you eh! (((((((: Loves.
i missed our 'everything under the sun talk' ! u're so loved too!

Shelia: Hey my dear...had a nice long chat with u while having Chingay
Rehearsal. Loves! =) Feel free 2 approach me if u're feeling down, we both
noe that guys r 1 of a kind. =D Smiles!
ya lors. all the same. alllllll except for ur Vin. LOL!

tink: haha he's good...its a little ex but still worth the money.. =)
Is really quite ex lors! hahahaha. i wil heartache if i spent so much on hair!

Sarina: ok thanks ya. =D
welcome, babe!

Look at my blister!
How am i gonna wear my new heels tomorrow???
So fucking bloody & painful!

* I'm really sorry if you are disgusted by the picture above :(

You like my Manicure???

I spent only $2 of cost price on it lehs! HAHAHA!
Cos' its the creation by me! My own nails ok! Got it done within an hour.
I saved like so much money can? So in love in my pinky pretty hands now!

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