18 January 2009

the final round...

Let's calculate how much i spent ytd.

Cab fares, 3 trips = $50
Heels, 2 pairs(of the similar design but diff colour -.-) = $35
meals, for 2 person(mummy & me) = $30
50 + 35 + 30 = $$$115

(My mama went out cashless.)
Sheesh! ~
I feel so heartache for my money.

I have yet to get the stuffs for Chingay, do my hair &
CNY shopping..
I need to get a new bag, perharps just one or two pieces of accesories.
I don't know why the hell did i buy soooo many tops, lingeries & shoes!
As if i have so many bodies, so many boobs & so many pairs of legs!
Damn! I think those can last me for 15 days of new year lors!
Totally overspent on unneccesaries. Can stop shopping for at least
half a year.

Some pictures from that pageant...
My makeup is oh-so-thick cos' the MUA did a bad bad job on my face,
so i got to touch up to make it beter.
& my hair really sucks to the core! So damn Gu niang & Aunty!
I think it makes me look 25 man! Laughs!

Halfway curling my hair...

Trying to style the poodle hair.

The red sexy bikini!

I think straight hair still suit me better!


Till then, off to sleep!

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