12 January 2009

hairdo for janice?

I need a hairdo badly!

Anyone has any salon to recommend?

Budget around $150 if possible.

Either i'm doing Japanese perm, or only cut, dye & highlights..

I want something LOUD! Very sian of my hairstyle now.


This week is so relax i must say.
Only 2 days of school for the week!
Rejected all jobs just for some good rest.
Stupid, but energy is needed to keep the money rolling in!

& my family is having spring cleaning these few days.
You able to see tables & sofas now. LOL!
My close friends will understand what i'm talking about. Hor??
Am also trying very hard to revamp "my room"
(Yes, i sleep with my parents, shared a bed with my mama ever since i was born.
My parents always says if i were to sleep in my own room, it shall not
have any computers & telephone in it -.- so what's the point of me
sleeping in that empty room right? Plus, i used to be very scared when alone!)

First thing first, i wanna paint my room.
Thinking of painting it strips of light pink & hot pink,
but it would probably takes quite long of time measuring the width,
and painting it. What if i did a bad job? :(

Then, i'm gonna invest on a cute dressing table!
Fret not, IKEA is so near my school!
But who's going to help me to bring it back home? Hmmm.

How cute can my Mama be!!!!!!!!!
Mummy is telling me this in a very serious tone:
"I'm charging you cheap cheap $150 every month for your room huh!
No negotiation as i will be in charge of all your food & laundry
But Mama, dun lame lahs hor! Who the hell would charge their own
daughter right? LOL!

(Wow! I've been sleeping for at least 2/3day today!)
Turning in soon! Good night, folks!
I can sense my big-aunt coming :X

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