25 January 2009

he thinks he's the father god

My Daddy's words hurts me.
He says he rather give birth to an Egg & eat it rather then me.
He says i'm useless.

The whole story was,

he shook my body, my bed so vigourously to wake me up from
my sleep for lunch. I was kinda pissed but never show.
[you try being shake by somebody like nobody's business while you
are so soundly asleep. my spirit almost left my body for that sudden
shock! nbcb.]

& i walked out to the living room to on the television.
Sat on the floor for that 2 minutes & he started yelling at me.
[Hello, who the hell woke up already straight away have the mood to
eat? Maybe some can, but i definitely cant after being so pissed off!]

Then, we heard our neighbour playing the piano.
My Dad pulled me up from the floor & dragged me to the piano.
He wants me to play a tune back to show them 'i can play the piano too'.
Of cos i reluctant to lahs! & why the hell do i need to show them that
'i can play the piano too' when i'm already like soooo bloody pissed!

So because of this, my Dad told me right in my face that
"I give birth to an egg i still can fried & eat it, give birth to you this
useless bum good for nothing."

I replied him with,
"I wished i'm not born in this family too. Please don't manipulate me
like a kid anymore when i'm already 18."

My mum sided me of cause.

Am i really too much? I think he is just too ridiculous!

I don't use your money at all. Perharps i should say the number of times
you gave me allowance/money is so little to the extent i can't even
recall! I will get scolded merely by just asking to exchange Ez link card
because i am rushing to school & mine has no more fares.
Ya, i know Mum gave me money which actually comes from him.
But you mean i asked for 10 or 20 bucks from you alot mehs??
I think the biggest amount he gave me before was $50 lors.
Which is my CNY ang pao. 1 year once. LOL!

You know what! I always hear compliments whenever i gave him money!
If that day i handed him $xxx amount, he will tell my mum:
"see, my daughter is so fillial, she brings home money for me"

Laughs! Everything was a facade.

Did i even complaint we had no cars? Cos you have convinced me with the
pros of taking public transport. Did i even complaint other teenagers
are travelling to countries for holidays when ours was only to Malaysia?
I won 2 times of air tickets before, but we went none. Even though i said
You don't bring me to holidays nevermind, i can't even go Malaysia with
my friends. Let's just say, i will get never-ending of scoldings if i stayed
out late at night when my mum is very fine of me doing that -.-
I think if it were other kids, i'm sure they confirm run away from home!
I've told my parents, if ever one day i have the ability, i will move out of
this house.

So this is my Lunar New Year's eve.

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