29 January 2009

im so gay-ed

It's Chinggay, it's Chinggay, it's Chinggay


& not forgetting Saturday, which would be an awesome night,
with us dancing a whole of 7 dances! :)
So damn excited can!

I didn't manage to wake up for school today.
Couldn't really take the 4 late nights of CNY that i just slept through
the day.

& the best damn thing was, i'm so gonna be banned for examination!
It's just 4 lessons which i did not attend, alot mehs????
Fuck the school seriously! Why poly students can take their exams
after skipping school for weeks and month but we can't??!!!

Oh anyway, i didn't skipped so many lessons alright!
Just this once or twice. The other times was because i'm "late".
Yes, late equals 1/2 attendance. Which eventually adds up to many absents.
WTF !!!

I haven't even touched on my IT assignment, which dues tml!
Fuck it lahs.
I want to fucking graduate fast, which is very soon!

Bye bye bye bye bye...
in the midst of a long cam-whoring post.

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