19 January 2009

lalalala... happy

Why arhs? Why?

Why everyone can easily score very well in their O's while
mine is like shit??

LOL. Maybe i'm really stupid not intelligent ):

I am having Business Statistic class test in 3 days time &
i know nuts about the module, at all.
I'm not an A maths student, neither i can handle maths!

I've got an IT project to be handed up next week too.

***It looks much brighter in real!

I have million strands of golden hairs

on my head, & several inches were being

snapped off. So i'm having a healthy &

pretty hair now!!!


Now i got the urge to cut bangs again!

I missed the kawaii look! *wide eyes*

But is only after CNY.

You wanna see the pictures?
Wait till i'm not so lazy k!

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