08 January 2009


i'm learning to be mentally independant,
nevertheless, it is tough.

it surprised me how much i actually missed you.

Yes, all lovey-doveys please be more sensitive!

Some kiddo tried to spam my tagboard the yesterday evening.
I don't know what his/her motive are anyway.
I think that 'JANICE STEAD,nameless, NOT CUTE DE U

must have hated me alot to spam a total of 107 tags!

Those with 'ticks' amused me the most!

I've already banned this idiot: IP

very very tired nowadays.
i don't know why am i being so hard on myself.
perharp, just trying to keep myself busy.
physically & mentally drained.
i need a good long sleep.
(maybe a good 24 hours sleep with off-ed cellphone & full blasted air-con)


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