05 February 2009

fucking bored

Gave IT lesson a miss as all of us thinks it's pretty lame to go back to
school for the lesson with a 4hours break in between.
But but but.... how to spent my day today???

So fucking bored lahs. & that pig boyfriend is still sleeping.
Fuck lors! >.<

& Valena Banana(Val love) accompanied me back to JP
to shop for my necessities. (:
Thanks sweeties, love you guys! Hee.

Bought some random stuffs like:
m)phosis pouch, sculpting lotion, hair treatments, cleanser & face wash.

Oh anyway, the Armani phone is so damn chio lahs!
I'm so tempted to change my 1 month old phone to this!
I know i know, its ridiculous.
Valentine's present, maybe? *wink wink*

We've been gambling during lectures in class, till the teacher is practically
shaking his head. Hahas.
I still did not win lors. Damn sway man!

Can you imagine, tml is my last day of school!
Yes, fucking last day! One year flew past like that.
Sad sad sad, meaning no more meeting up everyday morning
to go school together, no more after school gatherings, no more doing
all the cock stuffs with my cock friends. LOL!
But the bunch of stupid us still gonna clear all the exams together,
hopefully no remodules!

There's army camp event tml at Tengah Airbase!

Damn it.
I'm bored to the extent that i re-packed the toiletries in my toilet,
& planned what to wear to school tml already.

Do you think i should get a nap? Hmmm..

Or maybe i should sing the Karaoke at home? LOL!


I'm hungry!
Got the urge to call Pizza Hut delivery, but eat alone mehs?!

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