13 February 2009

friday the 13th


Hohoho! I swear this is the 'biggest spree' i made this month!

First thing first, the most anticipating parcel received in my
Mailbox by Karen's Desire.
This is a sponsored advertorial, i will blog about this after tml.
Cos' i've decided to wear this pretty piece out on V day!

Ordered 2 pair of contact lenses from BrokenRecorder at just 10bucks each!
This shall be the cheapeast lenses blogshop i have came across!
Cheap is not equals to fake. Those lenses are authentic ya.

Yeahs, i do know about the recent issue about wearing lenses bought
online caused infections & stuffs.
But don't you think it's all about how you clean the lens & how to take good
care of your own eyes?
If you clean your lenses properly daily, make sure you don't wear the lenses
too long of hours, i don't see there'll be any problem lors.

I personally, have been using those lenses for bout 2 years already.
What i can suggest is, like what i do.
I constantly change into new lenses every 2 months, or if i felt
any uncomfortable caused.
Though it can be worn up to a year, but you don't need to wear it really
that long lahs! Seriously 20 odd bucks is super cheap which is so so worth
even if you wear only 1 month lors!
Make sense??

Next, is Everyday Minerals cosmetics!
Ordered the free sample kit, plus 3 eye shadow colours. (:
I seldom put on eye shadows, so i guess buying more will
make me feel more like putting in on?
Hahas. It's so damn cheap anyway, no harm stocking up lors.
Girls are always girls!

Bought this Victoria's Secret Logo speedy from Zoe!
Place your orders with her!

This sweetie is so friendly & she reach all out to help me with my
enquiries via smses. Plus plus plus, she even came all the way to
my workplace to deliver it to me! How nice!
Which blogshop owner will do that right?!

Yaya, i know getting it direct from VS will definitely be muchmuchmuch
cheaper, but i don't really care lahs. I hate waiting, & this is instock.

After that, i realised many model friends are actually having this
baby too! Urrgghh. It's ok.

Wanted to get the pink one instead, but ended up getting this.


An advanced wishing to all the lovey doveys,

Happy Valentine's Day !

Indulge in sweetest love showered by your lovers!
Girls can demand for anything & be the princess on this day!
LOL. That's what i used to think (or used to be) on every V-day.

However, i am not very anticipated for this special day.
Manymany reasons to it.

What's making it worst will definitely be the arrival of Bloody Mary.

Anything to spice up my day??????

Who's there to help me with my problem???

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