16 February 2009

heavy-images post

I'm fine now! :)

As much as the guys spoiling our Valentine's day.
We still proceeded with our initial plan, with my date.

& my lover is......

Valena Banana! Hehehe.

Lucky got you to accompany me arhs! If not i think i'll end up
roaming the streets alone emo-ing.

Was supposed to go to school to settle some admin stuffs, but we
were too lazy to get our ass down to school, so headed RafflesCity's Shokudo
for lunch!
Food was not too bad, and the bill was cheap.
Only $46 for the both of us! Maybe we are really small eaters :/

We were walking aimlessly around the shopping mall, then our legs
brought us to Marina Square. That was kinda bad idea, BECAUSE
Jealousy, yes yes. Envy in green can! -.-

Thus, we decided to go back to west area to slack instead.
Hired a cab, & upon reaching we actually U-turned back to town as ZW called.
LOL! The cab uncle must be thinking its so easy to earn our money.

See the 'hiao poh' wear the "so many holes" top!

So met up with ZW, S & C and proceeded to Kbox.
After queueing up half an hour, we finally reached the queue but they
had no room for us! So we went over to try our luck at PartyWorld.

Yeahs! We got a room there!
Sing sing & sing. I'm so addicted to ktv nowadays.

We've got a pink rose, given by a random guy outside Cine.
Well, they're from Starhub. We even had our polariod photos taken!

ZW & the Mr Secret.

Desmond came over to pick his gf(val) & me up from town with 2 of his friends
& headed back to Panjang because i don't feel like going home.
My honoured to be drove by him after he passed his TP, all thanks to Val. :)

I don't know what's got into me, i just felt terrible.
Teared while on the the way back.
Maybe i did said i don't want to see you, but still, i was hoping for your presence.
Yaya, laugh at how pathetic i am. Hope i didn't scare the guy beside me.
Even Des have the heart to come & fetch Val home despite having some
probs in the day.
But where are you?? Not a single call. Just 1 sms. Sighs.

Been thinking & thinking the whole night, & even plucked the roses petals
before making the decision. I just want to make sure i won't regret.

Puppy Happy is sooooo adorable!

Continue snapping while waiting for Val to bathe.

After roaming so many places the whole day, you think i'm heading home
after that? Hahas.
Nonono. It's supper-time!

Chee Cheong Fun & Siew Mai.

It's 2am. Finally it's time to go home.

Cabbed back as Des's car was being stucked at carpark due to tyre
being locked! LOL. I really don't know what happened to car. But heard
they were there all the way till 10am?!?!?! OMG.

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