06 February 2009

hungry monkey

I have yet to brush my teeth while typing this.

Hahaha. You are right, i skipped my last day of school.
I'm not on purpose lahs. Really tired.
Plus it's so sad going to school alone when all your friends are not
attending school.

I'm very hungry, i can literally eat up the whole of 2 cows. No kidding.
Remember i rant that i'm hungry last evening?
& guess what, my dinner was a whole big plate of 'Yu Sheng'.
WTH. I did not finish everything up of cos.
I will be sick of it after few servings of the "grasses".

Yeahs. & now, i can't find any vegetables in my refrigerator.
So i resort to eggs. 2 Eggs.
Very funny mehs? Cannot arhs?! LOL.
I am starting to doubt the egg.
I mean, i think Mum bought the pack of eggs like before CNY!
So it's like 10 days ago already?! Fuck!
Let's hope i have a strong stomach.
Pray hard for me, pls!

Off to bathe now.
Hope the Cheongsam is not too ugly later on :/

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