04 February 2009


Val love is so cute right!
While i look damn fugly here.

School's toilet!

i want to blog. but i'm bloody hell sick!
feverrr & fluuu.
& is always 'on' & 'off'!
i think i'm a screw loose up there, i insist of not taking any panadols cos'
somehow too much of panadols is bad for the body.
LOL! but i seldom sick though -.-

been skipping school.
this is my last week of lessons, following many many upcoming exams
to be cleared.

i swear i was trembling in cold the whole day at work.
Steven's 'pick n mix' candies saved me from dying, really.
what's adding on worst was some monetary issues.
let this be the first & last time i'm settling shit works.

Some pictures from the Chingay day.

xoxo, loved!

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