01 February 2009

another new month

I'm aware of my fat thighs ):

Having slight fever plus aches everywhere.
I wanted to shut my eyes, but i can't.
Assignment need to be handed up tomorrow by hook or by crook.
Have the thought of skipping school tomorrow, but its a group work
& i can't possibily leave my group member like that.
Urrgghh. Tell me what to do??
Project is not done & my brain is not working!

I felt so pathetic for myself. Damn.

It's ok. I get well really soon.
Just give me few hours! HAHA.

I need a hug from someone!
Perhaps, B's would help much :( :( :(

It's REN RI today. (meaning everyone's birthday)
So we are officially a year older for the chinese. LOL.
Lunar New Year is always loved.
I ate like a mountain of good food, & grams of sugar & flour(new year goodies)
every single day. Cans of beer, wine, or whatever you can think of.
Eat till i scare arhs!!!!

No wonder i'll be sick, serve me right for eating so much!

One happier note,

all my relatives said i am getting a wee bit FATTER!

Yay yay yay!!!!!

*slaps myself awake*
i need to work on my project now.
Sorry for the absurb ending. (;

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