13 March 2009



HAPPY 20th JingZhe!

*** It was 2am. I was on the phone with JZ & him, checking the guys out.
Then, realised they are all damn drunk lors! Especially him!
They kept asking me to head down to boat quay now now now. LOL.
I went to layer a layer of foundation & rush out of my house within 10mins!
Ugly mehs? Why need to be pretty anyway..?
So i was walking along the empty road alone, with not a single human & no cabs at all.
Damn scary lors! It was 2.30am for god sake!
You wouldn't know how happy i am flagging the cab coming my way!
Asked the uncle to rush for me & he really drove all the way 120,130km/h!
Hahaha. So within minutes, i reached boat quay!
The scene at there was really funny, seeing everyone got drunk & high. Their actions
& words are just so funny! He's also almost gone! WTH! Drink so much, serve you right lors!
Sat there till he's wee bit better then we cabbed back home again.
Boy ah boy, know your limits pls! Now is my turn to say, pls pls pls don't get drunk again!
I don't want to cab down like mad again k! -.-


I'm so pissed now!
Bloody hell spoiling my plan & wasting my time, wasting my smses.
Waste my trip down, waste my cosmetics.
IF only i know, i could have gone for my Sakura buffet.
And, i would not be that angry.
I've got thousands of fucks i wanna scold!
Perhaps, it is not a very appropriate word to use, because i think
fucking actually can be quite enjoyable. Cb!
I know it's not entirely her fault, nobody wants this to happen too.

Ok. I feel much better after ranting.
Sorry to those who i have showed attitude in.

Grabbed these few pics from Gillian!

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