24 March 2009

i've learnt how to play the dice game "cheat" !

Look at my title! Hahaha.
"cheat" can be really fun! Pardon me for being a kuku uh, it's my 1st time
playing this game for the whole of my 18years.

I broke a new record, for the time i'm home.

It's the timing of students heading to school!
I got a wonderful nagging from Mummy, serve me right seriously!
Shall cut down on nightlife already, it's time to get back to school & be a good student.

BTT in a week's time! Then i would be able to driveeeee!

One sad thing, i need to work for the whole week. Sian!

The following are some of my personal voice.

Vanity got into me suddenly. Really find myself horribly ugly nowadays.
It's pretty sad that i don't even give a damn on how i present myself. That's really bad. Has been long time since i dolled up myself.
I mean the serious look-pretty day! I'm seeking attention!
Freaking bimbo or bitch you may say. LOL. I don't really care.
Will try to make it a point to wake up earlier to prepare for work.
Look pretty yeahs! :)

Rejected quite a number of photoshoots recently due to some personal reasons.
To be frank, i'm inferior of myself. I find myself awfully ugly.
I don't want my work to look bad, i'll feel really bad for if i didn't do a good job
in helping to producing good pictures. It would do good for the ones hiring me,
& myself too. I hate to receive critics more than comments.
Parents forbids me for anymore bikini shoots because they are afraid that
the pictures might 'leak out' to the web or anywhere -.-
Decided to open myself to only fashion themes for now. But, i'm always
approached for swimwear shoots instead. You know how much money i had
push away or not! Decided not to take up alcohol rovings assignments too.
Used to work that only for the sake of money. Don't like it at all.
It's really a waste because both are relatively paying well. Which is also one
of my main income! To think i had bid 'goodbyes' to so much $$$$$.
Fucking heartache!
I'm out of job by the end of the month. Meaning my income is DEAD.
I need a part-time job! Money has been going out but never in !
Hoping to see the $XXXX amount of money in my bank! LOL!
I can continue dreaming.

Alrighty. Shall go & sleep. Bye!

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