26 March 2009

This is a bad bad morning!

I reckoned its a bad day for me today.
Maybe, just not my day. We shall judge it later part of the day alright.

I'm fucking irritated now, because i can't get back to sleep!!!
& what? It's only 8.35am now! WTF !!!!
Yes, this is the reason why i think the rest of the day shall be a bad day.

I'm supposed to wake up for work at 10.15am though, but duh! It's only 8plus now lors!
I confirm, guarantee, plus chop i will be soooo sleepy later on at work. For the fact that
my body is super tired now, eyes is half closing, but just simply can't get into sleep.

All thanks to my parents. Can i even mention that they had little or no integrity at all?
Can i?? I can't cos it's not right for me to say that right??????
You know their volume was sooooo fucking loud every morning???
The way they do things is like throwing everything around, loud bangs when opening
& closing the doors, blasting the tv volume, curse & swear to each other before heading

You mean you thought i was dead is it??? You guys work, i don't mehs?
Why torture me like that every morning???!!!
I'm quite a light sleeper, noise like a short message tone can wake me up.
Of cos i can get back to sleep if its only a short min kind of disturb, but hello?
A whole 30mins din is too much yeahs???

On top of this, some fucktards in my block must be dead asleep or deaf!
His/her alarm clock sounds like those security alarm kind of sound,those prolonged
"Riinngggggggg".This continues for a whole good 5 mins. Then, after a few mins
of "snooze" (people who uses digital alarms will understand what i'm talking) it rings again.
It was that loud to the extend i heard a few neighbours were shouting like,
"hello, wake up lo, your alarm clock very noisy ah!"
HAHA! For that moment, i think its quite funny. LOL.

Still, i don't know what i should do for the next 2 & half hours. Arrghh!
Probably i will spent 30mins to scrub myself, 15mins to choose what to wear, 15mins
to wear the clothes, 30mins for makeup, 30mins to tong my hair, 30 mins to whip
up some breakfast, & tadah! Off for work!

HAHA! Siao!

Check out my cool hat!

Got to admit it's too big for me lors!!!
*it's not mind. & apparently i wore it the wrong way. LOL LOL!*

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