31 March 2009


Days ago, while strolling along The Cathay, i saw....

This cutie pie, Joshua Ang!

Awwww. Though i'm not really a fan of his(i find him very beng. *his fans please don't spam me pls!*, i still think he's cute uh!
The thing which makes me sooo excited was,
we even exchanged a glance with each other cos' we were so near each other!
He did notice me, you see! OMG! Hahahahahaha.
But not forgetting, he's hugging a pretty beside him. Diao -.-'''

Ok. Enough of that guy.

There's always so much to buy from Daiso!
Surprisingly i get to see some 'decent' falsie. Bought many many junkies too!

I love this cheapdirt pasar malam 'Sharks Fin' soup!
It's a must-buy whenever i passed by the Interchange. :)

Ending off with a few of my camwhoring pics.
Few mini zits popped up at my face! :(

BTT tomorrow, school starts on Monday.
& i'm sick again.


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