21 March 2009


Went to the salon before heading his house!
I like my current hair. So much neater, & i can see with both eyes now!
LOL! Don't worry, i'm not that impulsive to cut bangs again -.-

My initial plan was to catch a movie together. It has been long long time since
i enter the cinema already lors! Then he bloody hell dilly-dally at home till we don't have enough
time to watch any, ended up nowhere to go & nothing to do. Damn pathetic can!
It's weird that both our friends were all not free to come out, left with the 2 of us.
Super romantic i tell you! Hahas!
Finally we made up our mind. We went to BOAT QUAY to drink!
Yeahs, the 2 of us only. Laughs! Romantic ok, you all don't know arhs! Hahahaha.
Went roaming around with the guys till wee hours again, back home, slept for few hours,
then headed to work. I seriously think i'm damn zai!

Ok. The mushy love thingy is back into me again. Shit!

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