09 March 2009

hitting the club!

WTH! I think i'm damn not fated to club lors!
I don't really club often (maybe once every 2 months or so!),
& whenever i decided to had some fun, the fucking club will be
extremely packed with tons of crazy clubbers to the extent, full house!
It's not some big occasion but i don't know why everytime i go anywhere
it;s all fullllll & packed!

It's okies, i still had fun meeting my whole gang of friends.
Had a decent amount of alcohol which made me mild high, which is good
enough already. :)

Oh anyway, i went O point for Gillian's celebration before that.
Met pretties like Stephanie, Candy, Selina & Claire. Not forgetting the few
photographers which gave me their name cards. LOL.
Snapped quite a few pictures with their dslr professional cams.
Will upload them once they sent me! :)

Walked over from O point to Double C to wait for Claire's sis & we drank beer.
I sucked at beer, really! If you wanna make me high, give me beer! Hahas.
Cabbed over together with them to St. James since they're heading there too.
I need to thank Claire's boyfriend for the cab fare treat! Thanks thanks!

I left at 2plus while the rest continued their way to boat quay. Madness!
Was chatting on the phone with him while in the cab. I will really fall asleep
if i don't keep myself entertained. I can sleep almost everywhere anywhere!
Hehes. Surprisingly he really stay awake till that hour for the fact that he's in camp.
Even if it's just a one-day effort or just conveniently coincidentally that
you're awake, i'm still happy ya! Thanks boy!

Tomorrow is my BTE ! & i got a feeling that
i might flunk it. Damn!
Good luck Janice, & also to Jerald!

After which will be meeting him. :)

Had quite a number of days to work for March.
Then, i'll be out of job! Cos TWO.. is closing down soon. :(

I had been hooked on Mafia recently, one of the facebook application!
Nabei. I'm stucked infront of the com for almost all the time clicking
"doing jobs, fighting, robbing, waiting for energy".
Whao! I'm not just playing my own account, i'm playing his too!
Imagine logging in & out. LOL!


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