16 April 2009


Cried a ton load last night.
I had a fucking swollen eyes now.

Thought of giving my whole day's lessons(BBDC & school) a missed since i'm not at the right state,
i'll prolly be walking around like a dead zombie.

LOL! How pathetic uh.
People, please don't call me when you saw me on streets today, be nice & act as if you don't know me alright? thank you very much!

Anyway, i'm still heading for my lessons.
I've paid so much money on school fees!!! Not gonna missed any lesson anymore!!!

Digging out my kuku ancient spectacles now.
My slit eyes can't seems to fit in any contact lens.
What a loser!

Oh well, be nice & don't ask me what happened alright? :)
I'm near to forgetting what took place last night already. So please don't remind me.

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