26 April 2009


Why let me see all these again?

I shouldn't have be so curious,
shouldn't have check out on you,
shouldn't have thought of you,
shouldn't be pinning on hopes.

Nevermind, i guess.
It's over, everything is over.
& i'm really glad that everything is all over!

I shall look forward, & move on. MOVE ONNNN!!!!
Never shall i look back again, never Janice!
It's hard, but i'll try.
Because nobody can help if i don't wake up from my dream.

The world is so beautiful.
I don't want to let it revolves around you.

Let everything be kept as memories.
But we had too much of those, i'm so afraid it might fade off in time to come.
You know i had a lousy brain, & you know i don't want to forget those days.
How? You tell me what should i do?

10 days, it's just a mere 10 days and everything is changing, so rapidly.
This is not a very good feeling. I felt sucky, in fact.
Especially when i saw my pics were gone, sent items had more unknown females.
Who know's maybe i'm no longer at that category i used to be at in your msn list already.
I don't even dare to check, because i'm so afraid that i'm right.
It feels like you have gotten over it.
If so, that's really fast.
Should i be happy for you, or sad for myself?
It's predictable anyway, i already knew your personality.

Starting to feel disgusted now.

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