12 April 2009

effing bored

Ah-ha! Resulted to blog cos i'm effing so bored!
But, i don't know what to blog about.

I have some thoughts.
But i know i cannot type it all out here because this site is not personal anymore.

I had a bad dream this morning too! Does that consider a nightmare?
I woke up twice cos' of the dream, & what's make it weird was, my 2nd dream was actually a continuous of the 1st dream.
Get what i meant? The dream continue on after woke up & fell back to sleep again!
It was kinda weird to have that dream though, i somehow don't wish that to turn out real!
If not........... Hais. I'd probably go kill myself. [don't worry, obviously i'm just kidding. i'm too afraid of death.]

Was happily playing with the quizes at Facebook for the past 1 hour.
Hahas. All the answers are sooooo true! Took quite a number of sexual quizes too. =X
Removed some of the results from my profile though, don't want let you all see eh!

Will be studying at 2 schools tomorrow, BBDC & MDIS.
Straight 3 hours of lessons at BBDC & 3 hours of lectures at MDIS.
Such a heavy Monday! I can predict that i'll yawn in class.

*** Oh yeah! Wieli just gave me a call saying that the guys will join me for class tomorrow again!
After that we'll go lanshop to play Left4Dead ! Yay yay! I've been wanting to try this game like damn long ago lors! :)

Going off now. Bye!

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