07 April 2009

english summary

Summary of what i've been doing today:

- slept for 4&half hours, woke up at early hours and wash up.
- did my makeup, get changed and sprayed on perfume.
- walked down my block and hired a cab to his house.
- reached at an inauspicious hour and kind of being lectured.
- drank my fuzzy honeydew drink, which he apparently says taste like medicine.
- he gets ready and we hired a cab to Gleneagles, that high class hospital.
- ate our heavy "breakfast", Chicken rice, at the food court.
- waited at the clinic for quite some time before everything is done.
- cabbed back to Jurong polyclinic to wait for James.
- waited for James to eat, went to James' place, and watched p***. LOL!
- shared a spoiled 'tiger print' umbrella with James back to the clinic.
- stood for a very very long time outside the polyclinic doing nothing.
- boarded 157 to Beauty World for billiard.
- watched the guys playing, and balls rolling.
- went over to 'Shop & Save' to get ourselves some nice treats!
- bidded goodbye with James & Dixie(a cutie with a cool name,which i don't know how to spell).
- went to the ATM machine, then to Mcdonald for dinner.
- went to the ATM again, and he bought Viceroy Menthol.
- had nowhere to go, he gave me 10bucks, and i board onto a Prime cab.
- stopped the cab from moving off as his things are with me.
- alighted at my block, took the lift, and opened my house door.
- put down my bag, on my laptop, munching on my impact lime mints.
- fooled around with my webcam, and checked on Gmail.
- saw my shopping parcel arrive, together with my result slip.
- grabbed my pyjamas, walk into the bathroom and bathed.
- checked on my blog, and hitted blogger.com

that's about the end!
i just realised i wrote it in so detailed!
anyway, did you really went to read every word that i've typed???

oh well, so now i know how they always get their nice treats!
ohmygoodness, this is the first ever time i felt so like a little bad brat!
suddenly i felt so 'grown up' after 18years of life!
you need not understand what i'm talking about anyway.

Goodbye everyone!
I need to do some study for Saturday's supp paper. Results has been atrocious!
Wake up Janice, wake up! You wish to leave the fucking school asap isn't it??
There is school tomorrow, after which might have a mugging session with Wieli & Val.

To whom it may concern,
this coming Saturday is the 11th of the month! :))

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