21 April 2009

first pract lesson!

See my PDL!

But don't laugh at my bare face lah! (edited the brightness to make me not so ugly)

I'm glad that my 1st practical was a super fun one.
I laughed like shit during the whole 100mins. The instructor is one big joker i swear!
Very proud of myself cos' my car did not stall at all while driving, & i managed to turn the car & stay in lane! =)))
It stalled the 1st time when i accelarate too much that the engine sounded so loudly,
then i was shocked & jumped the clutch.
After awhile, the instructor started to praise me. Just as he finish his humorous sentence, i laughed too hard that i released the clutch. It stalled the 2nd time.

Went to get my PDL done at the TP counter. Waited for a whole one hour. Then i headed IMM for some shopping.

Daiso, i likeee!
Cos' everything is like so cheap! Can't shop much, bank savings are running low!

Bought sushi from Giant. I wanted to grill Teriyaki Salmon, but i was too hungry & lazy already.
I grilled the best Salmon lors! Really! Janelle likes my Teriyaki Salmon too ok!

Spent 3 hours in the mall. I quite like shopping alone actually.
I can window shop & slowly pick my items,
nobody will give me the impatient look.

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