14 April 2009

l4d !

Hell lots of photos taken!
Till my phone's battery died off while i'm reaching my block.

Jerald & Janice!

Pastamania-ed for Lunch!
I had Creamy chicken, while Jer had His Meat balls.

Went to Popular cos' i need to get some pens & highlighter. Jer bought a gold mouse.
Then i parted with him & met John & Wieli to school!
Was looking forward to end of school cos' my main programme of the day was Left4Dead!

At Cine, after our dinner.

My virgin play for L4D!!! Damn so exciting!
I was so blur, kept losing track of them, & kept spinning around cos i'm bad at controlling the mouse.
My character name called 'Handsome', so Wieli kept calling me "Handsome, here, come here!" LOL!
I am always attacked by the 'fat monster' & 'hunter' then, i'll keep shouting like "Ahhh.. go away! , Ahh... i die already"
Very funny i tell you!

Was taking pictures the whole train trip from Orchard to Lakeside. Madness!

Bloody Mary
visited me this morning. Shiiaattt!

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