18 April 2009

O Bar night!

Went Tampinese 1 as we couldn't stand the boring lecture.
We went into the Jap's no.1 tshirt store, UNI QLO. You need to queue like mad before getting into the store ok! Even worst than Gucci sales!

Then, i saw this 2 very familiar faces walking towards my direction, it turns out to be James & Xiao Bai's bro (LOL! I just find xiaobai's nick very cute.)! They were intending to queue up to get into the shop too, so we ended up shopping together inside.
I kept whining to Val saying, "why of all people will see them here? he confirm come with them if he's not in camp de!"
She very cute! She kept telling me "relax, don't kaysiao, you want to cry already right?" HAHA! Silly girl, no more tears to cry liao lah!

As we had hard time queuing up, i tell myself i die die also must buy something. If not i'll be so sorry to myself. Obviously is just an excuse for me to spent money.
All the nice items are all out of size, so only bought a simple tee dress!

Met Shirley & we headed to Sushi Tei for my first meal of the day at 4.30pm! Walked around the mall & headed Bugis to meet Wieli & Jonathan & another guy.
Supposingly to go sheesha & L4D, but we ended up we leaving early. Felt quite bad to make the guys came over just for the short while. My bad my bad!

After some decision makings, we decided to party the night instead of cooping myself at home.
Had light dinner at Pastamania, walked over to Clarke Quay to peek at the happening night, then to O Bar.

I was wearing a polo tee, denim skirt, flats, bunned up hair, & big backpack!
Changed into the tee dress that i've bought, tied a pony tail & went into the club like that.
A total dressed-down, i cant believe i wore a tshirt to club! People don't know will think i'm a first timer. :(
Anyway, it was girls power. Clubbed with 7 girls!
Lost count of how much i actually drank, mixed lotsss of alcohols. But none of us were drunk!
I was quite afraid that i will burst into tears anytime after the heavy boozing, but lucky i didn't & didn't even have the thought to! So proud of myself! HAHAHAHA!

[Samsung phone took lousy pictures! My lips was as red as ever.
Left pic was before going in, Right pic was the highhigh state, damn cui! Very obvious right! Hahas.]

There was this group of Ahbeng-looking guys came behind me at the dancefloor. Then a guy suddenly tapped me & asked for my name. To my horror, he was shorty then me.
I don't mean to be bad, but i'm already wearing flats you see!
Then Val pulled me over & said something like "he's short & ugly, very ahbeng!"
LOL! Why the hell i always kanna Ahbengs? Is either i got the Ahlian face, or i really look like some naive xiaomeimei. Fucking sway!

Headed over to Double O as Val saw a friend there. Then back to O Bar till club closes.
Saw that short guy at the entrance again, & he asked for my number. I wanted to tell him 9677 ****(NOT MY NUMBER, OF COS!), but i said no & walked away.

Guys are guys, all of a kind. Only knows how to ask for number, having 1 gf not enough meh? Even if got no gf why need to make so many "friends" for? it doesn't gave you an excuse if that girl is drop dead gorgeous. you choosed your own gf, then you should love her for who she are & be faithful. Just don't understand why there's a need for you guys to contact other girls! Please spare a thought for your gf, how will she feel? Don't be a selfish bastard! Do you like it if you were in her shoes?

Stayed over at Val's place for the night. Went online, watched drama, & slept like a dead pig.
Woke up early next morning, went for lunch & cabbed back home.

Good grieve!
Laoniang spent a 3digit amount again.
Money can only buy short happiness.

Tried to plan my day to the fullest so that i will keep myself busy & not to wonder around my thoughts for these few days. If i had no plans, i will sleep very early just to 'skip' away the emo hours(timings like 2-3am).

Sometimes i wonder, can we still be friends again? Let's not even say best friends.
The impossible of the impossibles, i guess.

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