11 April 2009

school' out

Today's paper was pretty ok. "Vomitted" out all that i have studied!
Still, i don't think i'll make it thru. Blame on me for not study hard enough lors.

Hack lahs. Finally i can sleep early & peacefully.
Have been sleeping at unearthly hour, fucking stressed, especially last night!

Headed to Bugis with Val after exam. Walked around Bugis street, got myself 2 belts & pampered outselves with manicure while waiting for Shirley to reach.
Then, headed Haji lane! It was my first time there lors!
Apparels there are nice, but i find them quite over-priced.
Soon after, it rains & we ended up slacking at Coffee bean. Love my Matcha greentea! :)
Walked over to Illuma(the new shopping mall beside Bugis street) & bumped onto Gillian & Stephanie so coincidentally! Anyway, its my first time to the mall again, it's is big but empty! LOL. Wanted to go for sheesha lors! But plan changed & ended up boarding a fucking hot,squeezy & bumpy bus to Val's house. We pretty much regretted not to take a cab, cos the freaking bus ride is fucking unpleasant! Hottttt, squeezy & bumpy rides made me almost felt like puking!

So anyway, we gambled 'Dai Dee'.
Was losing all the way, won only 2 games! & that 2 games actually allow me to recoup back my loss with additional few bucks! :)
How cool right?! Paiseh uh, Shirley & Val! Hahas.

Soon after, Shirley & I cabbed back to Jurong.
It was only 8 plus for goodness sake! Seriously too early for a Saturday night!

The day before yesterday, Val love put me aeroplane to school! >.<
But luckily Wieli & Jonathan to accompanied me to school. :)
They waited quite long for me at the train station as i was kinda late, crash into my class with me throughout the whole lesson, help me jot down notes & walked me to the busstop.
They super nice right?! The guys are just super free i guess. Hahas.

Anyway, Jonathan is Wieli's friend, my new friend. LOL!
Guys, you are checking out your pictures right??? Here are they!

Alrighty, i shall get back to my facebook now!

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