04 April 2009

tons of replies

Hey darlings! Decided to reply to some of your tags.
I know this should be done 4783591823745th years backs! Sorry sorry!
Apparently, this entry is up at my drafts long time ago!

***Dear blogshops, kinda do not spam my tagboard with so many tags please.
I would appreciate if you would stick to only 1 tag. Much thanks for the cooperations! :)

Passerb: hi. wat u working as in town? which shop?
REPLY: yes! fareast TWO.. too bad it closed down already =(

JaneChan: Was Here! ;D
REPLY: babe, thanks for your pen today! You saved the day,seriously!

Weng Cheong: i miss u!!
REPLY: IMY too! (: been so so long since i last saw u, u ass!

ZhuEn: My dear my blog have been hack, please re-link me @ http://baby-enen.blogspot.com/ thank you =)
REPLY: alrights, noted!

Ray: hey have fun in sch, TC ^^
REPLY: you smart kid! gradute so fast!

jw: hihi... just dropping by to see how have u been ?
REPLY: hey! long time since you tagged my blog. I'm pretty fine! Thanks!

jiahui-MDiS: which module you gotta remodule?? i gotta remodule BS and PMPM!!!!!!!!!
REPLY: Hahas. Mine currently is OB. But i guess more to come! Maybe POE, PBM2,& BL too!

ben: test test
REPLY: LOL! test your head!

Joanna: Let me know if you are keen in getting any of the items.
REPLY: Okies, babe!

ryli: hi hi!! dropping by to tag n click ads!! cya arnd in my blog soon!! =))
REPLY: harlowww! :)

May: hey Janice =) LOL u & Janelle can even bump into each other at zoo! alright, anyway I'm thinking of adv my new arrival shills BB Cream at ur blog if you don't mind email me at maycloset@live.com.sg =)
REPLY: yeahs! super coincident lors! hmms. will email you bout it ya!

lynn`: HEHEHE. Thanks for the cellerberrattioonn! XD
REPLY: you are so welcomed, my dear girl!

janelleee: hey ass! then got cook my share or not!! :p
REPLY: never lehs. it doesn't turn out nice though.

ying xian: not your birthday then when? hahaha we all so busy!
REPLY: come on' ! my birthday still a month plus to go! hahaha.

jo: thank gal...

~keL~: wah ur blog so messy! OMG. anyway so surprised to see u that day hahahahahahaha
REPLY: that night super random lors! so unglam! LOL. I gave up looking for nice skins already.

dEsmOnd: wtf! say my fren stalker!. wan die huh lOL.
REPLY: ehhh... he don't mind me calling him stalker what! HAHA! sorry luh!

wei kai: YOOOOO long time no see liao... haha i also taking BBT at BBDC! =)
REPLY: super duper long ok! hahas. let's see if we will bump onto each other there!

anon: you working at fep? which shop?
REPLY: yupps. TWO..

jw: congrats to u ... grad le .. i am also using samsung touch screen phone
REPLY: urrgghh! apparently, haven't lors! hehes.

PEI SHAN: janice! my blog had moved to livejournal. relink me k thanks (:
REPLY: ok, will do!

Shelia: Smile honey. =) We love u ya?
REPLY: o.O me love you too!

joanna: why like that? don't be sad girl.
REPLY: hahas! sad till the max that period of time.

candy ♥: *waves* (: you look good in cheongsam. haha~
REPLY: Really??? I think i look damn cheena in it lors!

ben: saw you at jp today xD
REPLY: LOL! never call me!

gucci: i think i saw u couple of days ago, with a guy at JE station. u tie pony tail right?
REPLY: yessss!

gillian: babe, ur side also gt lion dance? same with us.. but the ppl there all left before 730pm. so to said we were quite bored in overall. how bout urs? they should be staying upon seeing u two pretty babes
REPLY: LOL! the lion dance took up very long of the time, to the extent we don't even need to work anymore. Slack all the way!

selina: you look nice in the cheongsam ((:
REPLY: hmmms.. i still think i look so cheena. LOL!

val: hey love, takecare alright?! ((((: What a velana banana leh. Sounds like some brands. LOL! MEET UP thou school's over yeahhhhh. club this weekend ? ^^
REPLY: Valena love! I miss you!

Shimin: Hihi!! Was here.
REPLY: hiii!

May: get well soon my ger =)
REPLY: so sweet! thanks!

johnny ong: wow, no wonder it took so long to load yr blog, lots of pics
REPLY: hees! sorry if it lacks your com!

I'm gonna prepare myself & outttta! Hehes.

Credits to NbyN:

Any nice souls out there has any events/ or paid shoots kindly inform me ya?
Am looking hard for a part-time job. Meanwhile i really need some quick bucks.
All money earned will goes into " Janice's Education Fund" .

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