12 May 2009

imdex 2009, 3rd butter night

I was called down over to Expo Hall 2 last minute for the IMDEX ASIA2009 today!

I wonder what is that fair for, because all i see was many Ang Mohs, & Airforce kind of pilots!
Damn cool..

Am working for Carlsberg. & i'm supposed to work for only ONE hour.

Luckily cab fare was claimable, imagine i live at far end Jurong!
I was called at 2.50pm & i'm out of my house by 3.15pm & was supposed to reach at 4pm.
Am so efficient right?

This is my lunch. So pathetic! Who wanna bring me out for 'mum mum'?? :P

So basically by the time i got my passes, get changed, i do not really need to do anything as beer was also running out too.


Last Wednesday, went over to Lau Pa Sat to get some munch before getting into Butter as i'm kinda hungry.

Super high ButterFactory night with a big big group of people!

Janelle, Darren(Janelle's Bro), Darren's 2 exchanged programme student, Wieli, Ivan, Stephanie, Jocelyn, Gillian, Audrey, Amy, Amanda, & Beanie's big group of clubbers(the names goes never-ending).

As usual, we joined in Beanie & group! Partied till club closes & we went over to Boat Quay for supper.

I would never want to squeeze in with this crowd! Thanks to Nick, we're always the VIPs!

It's Donovon's birthday celebration tml at Butter.
But i doubt i'll be heading down, will give it a miss & mugged for my upcoming papers.

See, i'm such a good girl right!
So stop saying i'm a clubber lors. Cos i'm not! >.<

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