25 May 2009

happy NINETEEN to me!


I really had a great time for my 19th birthday!
I didn't have this day planned out. & also the 'birthday mood' is not there anymore the older we gets.
It came out to be the simplest dinner with your friends can turn out to be the greatest celebration. To know that there are people who is willing to spent your special day with you is such a bliss.
Happiness can be so simple actually!

Thank you all friends for the meet ups!
( i had like 5 mini celebrations this year! WOW.)

1) Audrey, Gillian, Jojo- swensen's & Xmen!
2) Janelle, Jerald, Yingxian, Xiaotong, Lijuan- Yaki Yuki
3) Wieli, Ivan & co. - PowerHouse
4) Daddy & Mummy - Home!
5) WeiWei - Sentosa, West coast park :)

Thank you everyone (including my real life, friendster,facebook,msn friends) for the wishes!
Thank you friends for the gifts!!
I don't know what else to say but really thank you very much!!!

Lastly, Happy 19th Birthday to me!!!

I'll blog about the different celebrations soon. A total of 180 images snapped!

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