03 May 2009


That couple created a match-making date for me yesterday!
HAHA! So funny can!!!!

The oh-so-nice Janelle even "borrowed" me her L to came over my place & fetch me to town to meet her. :)

We had the Tepanyaki, Starbucks & played a round of L4D, while waiting for WEI WEI .
Luckily he wasn't as late as we expected, good good!

So, the main programme lined up was....
Left4Dead !!!

Went over to Parklane, but we were quite shocked by the conditions of the place.
There's NO aircons at all, & everywhere is FULL!
So we ended up at Cineleisure again.

I am not so noob anymore ok, Wei wei say i got potential one!
I know how to attack tank, i know how to kill hunter, i know how to heal teammates, i know how to save teammates! :D

We went for Dim Sum after gaming (:
chatted & laughed(LOL!) while waiting for the rain to subsidise.
Reached home at 3plus in the morning.

They said we shall continue the 2nd match-making session next week. LOL!!!
Cute people!

Domo-kun Monster >.<

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